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The way you make ads now is costly and time consuming

All your time and budget’s going towards testing new ad creative, analyzing their performance you’ve spent money on them, and hiring costly consultants. With generAI, you can:

  • Create high-quality, AI-generated ads – instantly
  • Predict the effectiveness of your ads – before ever posting them
  • Scale your video ad creation efforts – without hiring creators, editors, or strategists
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generAI makes creating amazing ads so easy, your grandma could do it

Meet the two core components of generAI: generGrade and generX. One grades your ad’s performance. The other makes creating ads a piece of cake.


generX (Coming soon)

Case Study

The Ridge could have saved $68k in the last month alone

With generGrade, you can have confidence that your video ads are reaching their target audience and driving the desired outcomes.

Out with the old way of doing ads, in with the new

Let’s break down the differences between the traditional video creation process and generAI.

Old school way

New school way with generAI

One of our customers even saved $68k in ad spend.

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