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What if you could create a UGC video just by typing a few words?

Introducing generAI: Create UGC videos in seconds with AI. Ready to join the future of video advertising?

The Opportunity

You know there’s money to be made in video — and you’re not alone

Brands realize that UGC video = sales gold

The average brand purchases 750 UGC videos every single year. Why? Because they work.

Brands are leaving cash on the table

Only 18% of a marketing team’s video marketing budget goes to distribution. Everything else is spent on production, equipment, or post-production.

We’re proud of the work we do and our relationships with our customers. We’ll be happy to put you in contact with some of our past or existing customers.

The Problem

Young male videographer standing by video camera while shooting advertisement

You’re in a video catch-22

4-5 weeks to create a video?

Way too slow.

Creators guessing what will work?

High risk.

$600 to $1200 for one single UGC video?

Way too expensive.

Meet your new video creator: generAI


Our generAI platform allows brands to quickly create cost-effective UGC videos that resonate with their audience.


You see better results.

Our UGC videos are designed with data from thousands of top performing ads.


You save time.

Our UGC videos are ready in minutes, not days or weeks.


You save money.

Our UGC videos are available for ½ th of the usual market price.

Take a peek behind the scenes

Soon you’ll be able to show off your AI-generated video to everyone. Until then, here’s an overview of how it works.

Type what you want to see

Add text to create your UGC video. Want to see a cat eating a hot dog? Type in “cat eating a hot dog.”

Get high-converting ads instantly

GenerAI will create completely unique UGC video content that's been developed specifically to boost your ROI. No need to remix or edit.

Never run out of videos again

With GenerAI, you’ll always have access to fast, affordable UGC videos that actually work.

Our Technology


SoTA Diffusion Modeling

We generate original content using a spatial-temporal neural network architecture.


We use transformers to parse text input before transitioning to the diffusion model.

CNNs and Motion Scores

We optimize frame sequences and create optimal ad content that aligns with your video objectives.

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