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How data-driven ads can help us to boost engagement?

Why data is changing the way we advertise

Advertising has taken a step into the future with AI, but it still relies on something from yesteryear: data. While in the past it used to be surveys and the like, today social media is used to gather data that can improve the focus of advertising.

However, this does not mean that data is the only thing that makes for successful advertising today. Although ad tech is extremely valuable, creativity is necessary to have consistent results.

A creative video that has been evaluated to match data collected from users will be immediately successful. This type of study can be carried out through programs such as generGrade, which will immediately give us an insight into the potential of a video as an advertising focus.

But how has the use of data-driven video ads become the pinnacle of advertising? Do the ads of the past need to be modified to have more impact today? What is data-driven video ads? All this and more if you keep reading!

How data-driven video advertisement works?

In today’s digital landscape, data has emerged as the driving force behind successful marketing strategies. As video content continues to dominate online platforms, advertisers are leveraging data-driven techniques to create targeted and effective video advertisements.

In this article, we will explore the inner workings of data-driven video advertising, uncovering the process, benefits, and key elements that make it a game-changer in the advertising industry. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how data shapes video ad campaigns, enabling brands to connect with their audiences on a whole new level.

  • Templates: One way to simplify the process

One of the fastest ways to optimize these videos as ads are to use templates to improve the acceptance of the same. Templates allow you to add text, images, audio, videos, and even additional clips.

Users can also utilize templates to enhance the depth or modify the viewing experience of the video content. They have the ability to impact various features such as size, color, and included content. All this comes intending to make the user feel more attracted to the video through customization.

  • Video editing software: The future of scale advertising

While regular advertising benefits from the use of templates, big brands constantly encounter the requirement of creating ads for different types of audiences in various niches.

This is where massive video editing programs come into play, designed to render videos and, at the same time, adapt them to different formats as needed. The truth is that by using these programs, a large number of advertising formats are created, while at the same time working on a massive scale.

It is possible to use personalized calls to action, interactive videos, complement advertising strategies with e-mails or direct messages, etc. The truth is that with these programs you can create complete customized campaigns for a specific target, which can easily attract buyers.

What is the difference between data-driven video ads and conventional video ads?

The innovation that these ads have brought to advertising clearly shows the power of these ads compared to conventional ones. Creating personalized videos that seek to target certain audiences or emphasize the needs of certain types of customers easily generates a much greater engagement.

This type of optimization, taking into account the data left by customers, ends up making advertising have a greater effect and its performance increases exponentially. So much so, that several social networks such as Facebook or Google Ads have started to optimize their ads using these principles.

Finally, when we go to the tangible data, there are 3 main reasons why these ads are much better than conventional ones:

  • Better CTR and CPC

Internet advertising is becoming increasingly expensive and typically charges based on the number of clicks it receives. If companies bulk offer it to multiple user groups, they have a high likelihood of not achieving the desired return, even with multiple clicks.

By leveraging data-driven videos, you have the ability to target individuals who possess an interest in a specific product or service, enabling you to directly present it to them. As a result, click-through rates and cost per click are up to 94% better than conventional ads.

In addition, many users do not stay to watch the full video in conventional ads. Data-driven video ads solve this problem by attracting up to 1,248% more viewers who watch the video until the end.

  • Faster production and easier personalization equal saving time and money

Using cloud rendering, advertising agencies and brands looking to work at scale can develop these types of ads quickly and simply, saving a great deal of time and money for the company.

Unlike a few years ago when companies had to manually adapt the video to each format or location, today, software enables automatic handling of these tasks.

An automated, fast, and simple process favors advertising to different sectors in a more continuous way, which also ends up turning into profits.

  • Dynamic video content offers more responsive, fresh, and relevant ads

Offering a better customer experience through the use of Dynamic video content results in keeping the customer engaged and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.

At the same time, it allows a more personalized approach to each customer, making it possible to focus on the customer’s tastes to make their purchase more enjoyable. This type of fast and personalized service makes the customer feel important and well cared for, increasing the likelihood that they will recommend the service or product to others.

What I need to enter in the Data-driven video advertising world?

Although this type of advertisement is extremely beneficial for the client, you should also keep in mind that it needs good study and learning. Various software offers all the qualities for the creation of these ads, but its handling will require patience until you get what you need to make it automatic.

Therefore, contact us at generAI! This way we can make your entry into this type of ads much easier and manageable.

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