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About us

We are changing the video advertising market with an innovative culture and an amazing team.

Our goal has always stayed the same but the means have changed.

We aren’t just another out of touch team with a platform. 

We understand the pain points of creating content. 

We used to create content for our clients in-house. 

What we have been doing

Since 2020, we have been creating and testing new business models, learning, innovating, and evolving.



We started as a video production company.



We launched our creator marketplace.



Now, we're launching our AI-based video ad grading platform.



Soon enough, everyone can access our text-to-video ad model for content at scale

Core Values

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Be an innovator

We foster a culture of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Be Purpose-Driven

Our higher purpose drives our passion, as we strive to make a positive impact and solve meaningful problems.

Be Agile

We thrive in an ever-changing landscape, adapting quickly to market dynamics and customer needs to stay ahead of the curve.

Be Collaborative

We embrace teamwork and diverse perspectives, fostering open communication and shared learning for stronger outcomes.

Be Growth-Oriented

Continuous learning and personal development are ingrained in our culture, as we strive for improvement at both individual and organizational levels.

Be a Person of Integrity

Our team embodies honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, building trust and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and partners.

It takes a team

To build our platform, we have a team of experts who make it all possible.

Jimmy Slagle

Jimmy Slagle


Pranav Vaidhyanathan

CTO/ Co-Founder

Tanner Palm

Tanner Palm


Jai Yarlagadda

Jai Yarlagadda

Senior Software Engineer

Aristotelis Papatheodorou

Machine Learning Engineer

Felipe Farias

Machine Learning Engineer

Lucas Sjule

Lucas Sjule

Creative Manager

Ian McKay

Ian McKay

Creative Specialist

Pedro Rocha

UX/UI Designer

Jorge Mantellini

Jorge Mantellini

Executive Assistant

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